Professional Services

Helping You Get Up To Speed Fast and Make Better Use of Your Data

Need assistance with implementing your fleet management solution? Have complex requirements that require additional support? Whether you simply need help to get the most out of your Shaw Tracking solution by getting a better understanding of your fleet management data or you need help with the initial fleet management and GPS fleet tracking implementation, we’re here to help.

Shaw Tracking Professional Services has built a reputation for delivering strategic guidance and technical expertise to solve the most complex requirements and productivity improvement mandates. We work closely with our clients to define their problems and find the best solution for their business.

We are more than a technology provider. Our goal is to enable you to turn data into useful reports that can provide insight and knowledge to make your life easier, and your business more profitable. In turn your customers become more reliant on you to help them build their business.

Through an integrated team approach, ROI driven solution-based tools and system-of-systems thinking, we ensure effective implementation of processes, human assets, equipment, technology, and applications.

Our team can support the entire lifecycle of your program – from concept definition and functional spec to systems design, acquisition, and operations.

Program and Project Management

Our team is made up of proven and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) with an extensive legacy of successfully managed projects ranging from the Implementation of Technologies, Hardware and Software development and Integration, Operations Management, Integration of Back office software to Operational Effectiveness and ROI Driven initiatives.

We develop detailed Program and Project Timelines and plans specifically to meet financial and time sensitive deadlines.

Shaw Tracking Professional Services works in partnership with its customers to achieve their business and operational objectives, by ensuring that:

  • Processes are effective, efficient and compliant, across all facets of their business and business units
  • Business processes are efficiently designed, representative of industry best practices and able to sustain continuous improvement
  • Our technologies support business processes and reflect industry best practices
  • Business requirement changes, Integration and process changes, are adopted and supported by the appropriate technology
  • Integration with our client’s Back office system solutions is efficiently designed and satisfies all reporting requirements. Shaw Tracking Professional Services ensures that all knowledge and project capital are effectively transferred to our clients for ongoing compliance to project charter and increased organizational efficiency

The benefits of utilizing Shaw Tracking’s Professional Services, above and beyond strengthening our customer’s ability to service their customers with improved efficiency and effectiveness, include:

  • Increased management effectiveness and efficiency
  • Lower costs derived from organizational efficiencies and detail ROI Roadmaps
  • Higher service levels from Drivers, processes and technology and internal departments and
  • Enhanced focus on the client’s core business activities and functions

Shaw Tracking Professional Services provides our customers with resources that are dedicated to helping you deliver Shaw Tracking solutions that meet your business requirements.


What types of assistance can Shaw Tracking Professional Services offer?

Our professionals are experts in using Shaw Tracking Technologies and sophisticated applications such as Performance Monitoring, Hours of Services, Navigo and In-cab Scanning, utilizing at the front end sophisticated training and implementation documents and their successful implementation. Here’s a sample of what Shaw Tracking can do to assist you:

Business Process and Technology Review and Assessment Mapping

These types of engagements involve expert-level consulting from our experienced senior staff. We custom fit our analysis to your business to ensure that you get the most out of your Shaw Tracking investment and include Shaw Best Practices Tools such as:

  • Flowcharting and Value Stream Mapping
  • Industry Segment Best Practices and Benchmarking
  • Operational Development Strategies
  • Business Process Re-Engineering (as it applies to both Shaw Tracking Technologies and Applications and Client’s Back office)
  • Workflow Management across Business Process (as it applies to Shaw Tracking Technologies and Applications)
  • Optimization of your Business process and Shaw Tracking technologies and Applications
  • Operations Productivity Improvements

Shaw Tracking Professional Services has extensive experience and certified project managers for all operational improvement including:

  • Implementation projects
  • Post-Implementation Services
  • Business Process Optimization Consulting

Shaw Tracking is a proactive partner who brings us solutions that actually improve our business operations and bottom line. They genuinely know and understand our business. We were first attracted to Shaw Tracking because of their innovation and they had the technology to back it up. We were so impressed that we didn’t feel a need to talk to other vendors. They are responsive – I always hear back from my rep quickly with a plan. Shaw Tracking is a true partner.

- TimeLine Logistics