Mike Ham’s Blog on the MCP 50

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Recently, the Truck News team came by to shoot a video for Transportation Matters so we could share the launch of the MCP 50 in a more dynamic way than a traditional press release. Plus – if you’re like me – sometimes it’s more interesting to watch and learn than read of bunch of words.

If I still have your attention – I wanted to take some time to explain why we made the video. In a nutshell, the reason we asked Adam to come by is that there’s more behind the MCP 50 than meets the eye. We wanted to have the opportunity to go into more about why we believe this product can help us continue to revolutionize the trucking industry. Lots of companies have products that deliver technology. And technology is an important part of running any business these days. But it’s the insight from the data that the technology provides that is the true magic bullet for our customers.

We talk with a lot of people in the transportation industry. But more importantly, we strive to constantly listen. And the MCP 50 is a product of that collaboration. The fact is – all fleets have different and unique needs. And companies that don’t require the complexity of in-cab scanning and printing or WIFI – the integration of a mobile computing platform may have been a tough pill to swallow in the past. Totally understandable. But it was a challenge for us to watch too many business owners not get the benefits of the insights that can only be gleaned from accurate, real-time data to help them improve their fleet visibility, reduce driver distraction, and simplify EOBR compliance.

The MCP 50 is such an accessible product. Regardless of fleet – large, small, Class 5 to 8  – the system is scalable to bring value to owners that is measurable and easy to use. Plus – it’s quick to train the drivers. And our customers have told us that once drivers are trained – they actually like the device and the information it provides to help them focus on driving.

We believe that if an organization has staff, wheels, and assets on the road, this product will provide while the insight and information on how to operate your business more efficiently so you can build the value you give your customers – every day.

If you missed the video a couple of weeks ago – click here to watch now.