How to help improve driver retention!

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CTA recently conducted a study on the shortage of drivers in, “Truck Driver Shortage a Blow to Canadian Economy”. According to the study, it’s been projected that Canada could experience a shortage of 25,000 to 33,000 for-hire truck drivers by 2020. Not only would this shortage disrupt the trucking industry, it’s also predicting an impact on the Canadian economy and consumers.So how can we save the day? First, we must understand that being a driver can be stressful. The Federal Labour Standards and Review Commission highlights three main reasons for driver shortage:

1 . Poor compensation levels for drivers: Truckers work 16 hour days and feel that they are not being compensated fairly considering their work hours. Wages has also been static, with no raises in response to the long hours; this is particularly true for long-haul drivers. There have also been reports that with paper logs, drivers just aren’t being paid on time.

2. Poor working conditions and the quality of life for drivers: Drivers work long hours and their jobs take them far away from home which causes difficulties in maintaining family relationships and a good work-life balance. With no set routes and always being on-call, drivers work in high-stress environments while dealing with traffic congestions, weather conditions, and boarder wait times.

3. Low attraction to the driver occupation for young workforce: Trucking has not been presented in a spotlight that appeals to next generation workers based on the reasons above.

Now let’s find a solution. Driver wellness should be a top priority and many features that have been built into the latest Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) products through Shaw Tracking have been developed with the goal to improve the quality of life and safety for drivers.

Our MCP products can help eliminate hours of tedious administrative manual entries. Our electronic on board recorders can help automate fuel and mileage tax reporting as well as Hours of Service. Electronic logs also helps drivers get through inspections much easier and hassle free. It not only helps keep track of drive time, it also prevents accidents caused by driver fatigue. All of these added benefits help retain drivers by automating tiresome tasks and increasing in-cab comfort and ease.

Truck drivers are the glue of the industry, have you not seen our “If you got it, a truck brought it” video? We’ve also created the “Keys to the future” video because we understand the importance of the trucking industry and the dynamic careers that comes from it.

Your company should be one that your drivers brag about working with! Find out more on how our Mobile Computing Platforms can help driver retention and much more.