Truck Tracking

Truck tracking

Are you looking to improve how efficiently you manage your fleet, while improving productivity and customer service? Are you looking to reduce operational costs? If so, the Mobile Computing Platform, truck tracking, is the right solution. It’s a wireless GPS truck tracking system engineered to improve your transportation company’s operations.

The platform enhances the efficiency, productivity and safety of your fleet, and can be combined with any number of Shaw Tracking services and applications – fully customizable to complement the unique needs of your fleet.

There are four distinct series of Mobile Computing Platform technology to choose from with a range of features including:

  • Choice of communication – terrestrial (cellular-based) or satellite
  • Colour touch screen display with keyboard so drivers can interact with the device how they want to
  • Text-to-speech capability for enhanced hands-free communication for your drivers
  • Platform safety, flexibility, and scalability for any fleet size
  • Over-the-air upgrades to keep your vehicles on the road
  • Tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of your fleet
  • Seamless connections to other Shaw Tracking platforms including Trailer Tracking systems

Click here to download the Mobile Computing Platform comparison chart.

Let’s take a look at each Mobile Computing Platform below. These brief descriptions outline the features of each series to make it easy for you to see which one is just right for you.


A Short-Haul, Cost-Effective Platform that Provides Visibility into Assets and Driver Behaviour

The MCP50 is specifically designed for short-haul transportation and is compatible with class 6, 7 & 8 vehicles. If you have more than five trucks, and you’re looking for a safety-focused, cost-effective platform that provides transportation companies visibility into assets and driver behaviour through as easy to install wireless GPS vehicle tracking system, the MCP50 is the perfect choice.

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Since implementing the MCP200, idle time has gone down, speed violations have been reduced and we have improved our miles per gallon (MPG). As the Director of Driver and Vehicle Safety, my main goal of adopting the MCP200 was to improve the safety of our fleet. We are now equipped with the data needed to make each one of our drivers a defensive driver. Defensive drivers get better fuel mileage, but they are also safer, which is my most important return on investment. The past year has been a positive experience.

- Mike Millian, Director of Driver and Vehicle Safety, Hensall District