Trailer Tracking

Track and Monitor Your Tethered and Untethered Trailers

Are you looking to track your trailers and gain a better understanding of their status? Are they loaded, unloaded, and secure? If so, the Trailer Tracks TT210, trailer tracking, is a great choice. It automatically reports the location and status – unloaded or loaded, tethered or untethered – of all your fleet’s trailers. This enables fleet managers to boost workforce productivity, improve trailer utilization, and increase freight security.

Trailer Tracks, trailer tracking, automatically issues alerts when trailers move inside or outside of defined boundaries or geo-fences. Additionally, sensors detect the opening and closing of trailer doors and the presence or absence of cargo, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

The solution also improves productivity by eliminating the need to manually determine the location and availability of trailers.

We continue to make the investment in trailer tracking to meet our long term business goals. We have seen improvements in several operational areas since implementing Trailer Tracks and continue to equip our trailers with it. In total we will have over 1,000 trailers equipped with trailer tracking. With the activation of emergency trailer tracking we have been able to recover several stolen trailers. In one particular situation we were able to recover the full load as well as a brand new trailer.

- Brent Fowler, Vice President Administration, SLH Transport Inc.