Reefer Tracking


Operate Your Refrigerated Vehicles and Trailers From Your Desk

Do you need to remotely operate your refrigerated vehicles and trailers? If so, the StarTrak ReeferTrak is the ideal reefer tracking solution. It’s a wireless management solution specifically designed for refrigerated vehicles and trailers. It features an integrated Web application that allows you to operate almost any function of any reefer unit in your fleet, from the convenience of wherever you need to be on any given day. ReeferTrak, includes reefer tracking solutions for railcars, trucks, trailers and containers, and is available in both cellular and satellite-based versions.


  • GPS tracking with geo-fence, landmarking and dwell/detention functions
  • Real-time monitoring of reefer status including fuel consumption, operating state, temperature, alarms, battery condition, fuel level, door closure, trailer hooking and tire pressure
  • Two-way controls including the ability to turn reefers on or off, change temperature set points, change operating models, clear alarms and more