Regional / Pickup & Delivery Industries

Regional pickup and delivery

Companies with a mobile workforce are constantly dealing with changes in pickups and deliveries – day in, day out. Shaw Tracking understands that regional or pickup & delivery companies face very unique challenges. Couple that with fact that it’s also a highly competitive business environment makes it essential for your business to be on time, with the right shipment and details, at all times.

Shaw Tracking supports the specific needs of regional or pickup & delivery by increasing the number of vehicle stops per day, decreasing kilometres driven and reducing the number of customer service reps required to answer client calls.

Shaw Tracking’s mobile workforce solutions achieve this by:

  • Reducing fleet operating costs through increased visibility, mobility, and efficiency
  • Enhancing productivity through real-time event management
  • Improving delivery plans through POD (point of delivery), GPS and integrated mapping
  • Customizing and/or integrate to an existing Legacy software

For Shaw Tracking services specifically related to regional/pickup and delivery industries, check out the following:

  • Truck Routing Software – A real-time, in-cab navigation service enables your drivers to plan accurate and timely routes, saving fuel.
  • Performance Monitoring – Fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, as well increase fleet safety and performance.
  • SpeedGauge – Identify high-risk driving behaviour, control speed, and monitor and rate drivers on all types of roads, while helping to maximize fuel efficiency and lower costs.

For Shaw Tracking products, see:

  • Truck Tracking – Our Mobile Computing Platforms are wireless GPS vehicle tracking system engineered to improve your transportation company’s operations.
  • Freight Tracking – Shaw Mobile combines rugged handheld technology with an electronic onboard recorder to capture and calculate valuable performance data.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – Our wireless electronic onboard recorder offers GPS vehicle tracking, activity and incident recording, and automated IFTA fuel and mileage reporting.

As a small business we need to be as efficient as possible and offer exceptional customer service. The purchase of Shaw Tracking has allowed us to improve on both of those areas. We are now able to proactively inform our customers of changes to ETA as well as seeing huge changes in our drivers’ efficiency. Specifically, we had one driver that was idling 50-60%, and within several weeks we were able to bring that down to the company average – which translates directly to cost savings. Once you become comfortable with the system and use it to its full potential it then becomes very clear that this solution has a very good return on investment and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed in this business.

- Grant Glattacker, Owner, Bushell Transport