Heavy Haul, Flat Deck Transportation Industries

Heavy haul, flat deck transportation

We understand that moving industrial equipment and heavy loads is a tough haul that comes with its own unique type of risk.

Our technology systems and wireless services enable you to monitor vehicle location, communicate with drivers, view detailed reports on vehicle and driver activity, and proactively respond to incidents at risk of becoming emergencies.

All the while, your drivers get to focus on driving from dynamic real-time navigation, automated reporting and email services. Keeping their eyes on the road yet connected to dispatch.

Shaw Tracking has both products and services that can meet your specific needs. For Shaw Tracking services specifically related to the heavy haul and flat deck transportation industries, check out the following:

  • Truck Routing Software – A real-time, in-cab navigation service enables your drivers to plan accurate and timely routes, saving fuel.
  • Performance Monitoring – Fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, as well increase fleet safety and performance.
  • Critical Event Reporting – Automated vehicle monitor that enables safety and fleet managers to proactively manage the behaviour of drivers in real-time.
  • Automated Hours of Service – Get real-time monitoring of drivers’ hours, allowing dispatchers to access current information about driver availability and reports including duty status, driving time and remaining hours of service.
  • Email Services – Three driver-friendly email services designed to improve safety and productivity.
  • Automated Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting – Eliminate hours of IFTA reporting, while relieving your drivers of the burden of completing trip sheets.
  • Security Solutions – Ensures you provide public safety first-responders, security agencies and environmental response centres everything they need in such an emergency.
  • SpeedGauge – Identify high-risk driving behaviour, control speed, and monitor and rate drivers on all types of roads, while helping to maximize fuel efficiency and lower costs.
  • Content Delivery – Broadcast pre-recorded messages from dispatch to drivers, saving time and money.

For Shaw Tracking products related to the heavy haul and flat deck transportation, see:

  • Truck Tracking – Our Mobile Computing Platforms are wireless GPS vehicle tracking system engineered to improve your transportation company’s operations.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – Our wireless electronic onboard recorder offers GPS vehicle tracking, activity and incident recording, and automated IFTA fuel and mileage reporting.

We conducted a two month competitive evaluation and in the end it was Shaw Tracking’s Mobile Computing Platform that met all our criteria. We required satellite coverage we could rely on. We must meet the “work alone” legislation and have two-way communications with our drivers at all times. We were also interested in LSD mapping, automated hours of service and the inexpensive confidential in-cab personal email Shaw Tracking was able to provide.

- Stephen Clark, Vice President, Formula Powell L.P.