Identify High-Risk Driving Behaviour and Reduce Fuel Consumption

Are you interested in improving your ability to identify high-risk driving behaviour? If so, Shaw Tracking’s SpeedGauge service is a great solution. It uses GPS data to help transportation fleets identify high-risk driving behaviour, control speed, and monitor and rate drivers on all types of roads.

The system provides detailed analysis of speeding on all road types — not just highways — in a variety of easy-to-use formats, and each speeding incident can be viewed on a map if further research is required. And it’s the only tool available on the market that monitors speed off of interstate highways (where 79% of large truck crashes actually occur).

Shaw Tracking’s products are tailored to complement our needs – applications such as Hours of Service, SpeedGauge, Performance Monitoring and Scanning have helped us run our business more efficiently to realize greater ROI. Their MCP products help our processes run smoothly which is why in less than two years TimeLine Logistics is listed as a “Fleet to Watch” in the “2012 Best Fleets to Drive For”. What’s really refreshing is Shaw Tracking has never pushed products on us that we don’t need. They are responsive – I always hear back from my rep quickly with a plan. Shaw Tracking is a true partner.

- TimeLine Logistics