Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring

Decrease Fuel Consumption while Improving Driver Performance

Would you like to be able to track and manage vehicle and driver behaviour related to fuel consumption, such as speeding, idling, over-revving and hard braking? Would you like to manage the safety and productivity of your drivers more effectively? If so, Shaw Tracking’s Performance Monitoring Service can help you tap into what your drivers are doing so you can maximize their productivity and safety.

The service’s Fuel Manager tool enables you to manage and reduce fuel consumption by providing a robust set of actionable data, presented in a way you can easily understand. So – it’s easier for you to implement programs to get all your drivers driving efficiently, safely and compliantly.

Not only will you be able to track and manage vehicle and driver behaviour related to fuel consumption, such as speeding, idling, over-revving and hard braking – with Performance Monitoring you will also have access to data to:

  • Lower fuel consumption by identifying trends that contribute to excess fuel use
  • Compare drivers’ performances and quantify the bottom-line financial impact to your fleet
  • Provide the performance data needed to coach and reward drivers
  • Reduce the work of analysts by having access to more robust reporting
  • Gain insight into potential driver safety and maintenance issues


  • Our unique dashboard turns your data into deeper knowledge about your business so you can build efficiencies to add more value to your customers
  • Realize savings to improve your bottom line without increasing fleet size or head count
  • Robust querying and data visualization tools to monitor 14 performance measures that affect fuel consumption
  • Configurable historical performance vs. target comparisons across each of the performance measures
  • List of best and worst drivers relative to selected performance measures
  • Individual driver performance scorecards

Plus – we are committed to working with you to develop action plans so you can actually understand the data to turn it into knowledge that will help you make better business decisions to make sure you’re always putting your customers first.

The Performance Monitoring application improves communication between dispatch and our drivers. Extensive dashboards provided by the Fuel Manager module allow us to monitor vehicle and driver performance, making our drivers more aware of the operational costs of our trucks and contributing to the overall efficiency of the business. With a driver incentive program in place, Fuel Manager also now helps to increase our drivers’ incentives to reach targeted goals.

- Steve Hibbert, Owner, SM Freight Inc.