In-Cab Portable Scanners

In-cab scanning

Save Time and Money with Comprehensive In-Cab Document Management and Handheld Scanners

Are you looking for an in-cab solution that enables your drivers to use portable scanners to scan and transmit documents from the cabs of their trucks to the back office or directly into the customer’s system? If so, In-Cab Scanning is the perfect choice.

In-Cab Scanning and handheld scanners are specifically designed to enable you to close the loop on paperwork associated with pickups and deliveries, while saving money by eliminating extra stops and paying fees for copying, scanning, faxing or mailing documents.

With this end-to-end service, drivers can scan and transmit documents from the cabs of their trucks to the back office, or directly into the customer’s system.

In-cab Scanning using portable scanners also improves customer confidence and driver satisfaction by reducing manual errors associated with re-typing important information, including trip and mileage reports, bills of lading, timesheets, receipts and other critical data.

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Shaw Tracking’s in-cab scanner has successfully assisted in building trust with our customers; there is security in knowing when the job is complete, which tremendously improves customer satisfaction. With in-cab scanning our drivers have the ability to provide delivery documents instantly, therefore providing to our customer the minute a shipment is delivered. Our drivers find the convenience of in-cab scanning very helpful, it eliminates hours of driving around to find a fax machine which also decreases out of route miles and assists with our other commitment of reducing our carbon footprint. Our customers are very pleased with our system processes and we have received many compliments with our quick turnaround.

- Genevieve Francoeur, Permits / Safety, T-Lane Transportation Logistics & Cranes