Customized Driver Scorecard

Improve driver safety and achieve better fuel economy with Shaw Tracking’s Customized Driver Scorecard.

With automated reports you get instant access and better visibility into your fleets’ driving behavior. This gives you the ability to set business objectives and identify significant opportunities for improvement!

Our Customized Driver Scorecard empowers you with the information you need to improve driver behaviours that impact your bottom line.

The user-friendly driver scorecard automatically generates reports based on user defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so it’s easier for you to make the best decisions about fuel management, as well as safety, compliance, and the overall efficiency of your fleet.

With just one click, you can:

  • Instantly detect inefficiencies and bad habits that contribute to excessive fuel use
  • Gain insight into potential driver safety issues
  • Compare drivers’ performances and quantify the bottom-line financial impact to your fleet
  • Provide the performance data needed to coach and reward drivers

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