Critical Event Reporting

Proactively Manage the Behaviour of Your Drivers in Real-Time

Would you like to be able to respond to unsafe driving behaviours before they cause accidents? That is exactly what Critical Event Reporting is designed to do. This service brings you vital information when you need it the most to proactively manage your drivers.

The service is an automatic vehicle monitor that enables safety and fleet managers to manage the behaviour of drivers in real-time. By continuously monitoring fleet vehicles for critical safety-related events, the service helps you prevent accidents within your fleet before they even occur. It’s the one time eyes that aren’t actually on the road equals more time spent safely driving – reducing the accidents, repair, and risks to your customer’s important freight.

Shaw Tracking’s Critical Event Reporting service:

  • Keeps your trucks on the road and delivering your customer’s freight on time
  • Helps you identify and respond to unsafe driving behaviors before they cause accidents
  • Provides real-time alerts when critical events like hard braking and vehicle pitch and yaw motions occur
  • Presents you with second-by-second onboard sensor data collected before, during and after an event
  • Provides a series of metrics to reward safe driving
  • Reduces exposure to liability by helping safety managers improve the driving habits of their fleet
  • Reduces costs associated with repair and driver down time

And, most importantly, Critical Event Reporting helps you keep your drivers safe – giving them greater peace of mind and confidence no matter what life on the road throws their way.

While working late one evening, I received a CER message on my computer and on my cell phone at the same time. Through the web portal, I immediately saw where the unit that initiated the CER. Seeing the unit had slid to a stop, I immediately messaged my driver to check if he was ok, and ask him what he had hit. Within 10 minutes I had a recovery vehicle enroute. The CER probably saved my company 8-9 hours of a wreck sitting on the highway, and a driver left to his own defenses in sub zero weather in a “dead” power unit.

- Mike Elgert, Safety Manager, Bandstra Transport