Content Delivery

Broadcast Timely Pre-Recorded Messages to Drivers

Are you looking for a consistent, reliable and secure way to communicate critical information to drivers? If so, Shaw Tracking’s Content Delivery service is the ideal solution. The web-based service enables you to broadcast pre-recorded messages from dispatch to drivers via the Mobile Computing Platform. Fleet Managers can schedule the times of message delivery to drivers, as well as view who has received and listened to each message.

With this service, you will find:

  • Driver satisfaction and productivity is increased
  • Communications are more timely, reliable and secure
  • Receipt of communications is easier to monitor
  • Communications are more personal
  • Drivers feel like they’re part of a team


  • Easy to use driver interface
  • Ability to preview recordings before sending
  • Receipt and driver execution of messages can be monitored
  • Recordings created in common .wav format
  • Messages can be up to five minutes long
  • Onboard mobile application server can store up to five audio files
  • Availability and expiration dates of individual messages can be set