Automated Hours of Service

Automated hours of service

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Would you like to maximize compliance and productivity, while minimizing operational inefficiencies? At Shaw Tracking, we understand the risks associated with cumbersome and potentially inaccurate manual log systems, including costs related to compliance breaches, reduced productivity and operational inefficiencies.

The Automated Hours of Service application is an electronic logging device (ELD) that provides real-time monitoring of drivers’ hours, allowing dispatchers to access current information about driver availability and reports including duty status, driving time and remaining hours of service.

The ELD system’s detailed drivers’ logs are fully compliant with the Ministry of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The application also fully complies with the recently revised hours of service regulations from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The Automated Hours of Service system acts as a web-based software service, with information delivered to the dispatch system via a web interface. It can also be viewed online with an Internet browser.

Here’s a sample driver hours of service chart:

We continue to be impressed with the technology that Shaw Tracking has provided. We will be able to implement Automated Hours of Service in our entire fleet without having to purchase any new hardware. For Challenger, with 1,500 vehicles, there are huge advantages associated with this kind of transition including obvious hardware cost savings as well as the convenience of not having to physically route all our vehicles into a terminal in order to upgrade the hardware.

- Enno Jakobson, Executive Vice President, Challenger Motor Freight