Automated Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting

Simplify the Reporting Process

Who doesn’t want to reduce fuel and mileage tax reporting? With the Automated Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting system, you’ll eliminate hours of IFTA reporting by integrating with Shaw Tracking’s Mobile Communications Platform.

Automating the system improves accuracy while relieving your drivers of the burden of completing trip sheets. All data, including mileage tax reports, trip sheets, monthly fuel data and mileage is accessible from a user-friendly web-based application.


  • Automated trip sheets
  • Automated fuel data
  • Automated review (mileage, routes and fuel)
  • Automated reports
  • Data storage and retention
  • Tax rate updates

Like most fleets our size we used to manually enter our fuel and mileage tax data for IFTA reporting. Since implementing Shaw Tracking’s automated fuel and mileage tax reporting system we have eliminated 1.5 days a week of data entry. That is an enormous resource for us to be able to allocate elsewhere. The system will track down errors so the information we are submitting is much more accurate. It’s a relief that audits are no longer our problem.

- Bill Keith, President, Seafood Express Truckload / Less Than Truckload