Automated Arrival & Departure

Automated arrival departure

Track Arrival and Departure Times at Planned and Unplanned Stops

Would you like to improve customer service and maintain driver productivity by seeing if deliveries are on-time with accurate status updates? With the Automated Arrival & Departure service, you can track arrival and departure times at both planned and unplanned stops along a driver’s route — eliminating the manual entry process.

The service provides proof of on-time delivery and accurate status updates, and also measures any delays at pick-up and delivery appointments. Locations of all stops on a vehicle’s dispatched load are geo-coded by the system. So you can proactively troubleshoot a potential delivery hiccup – giving your customers one less thing to worry about. After all – that’s what adding value to your customers is all about.

Your fleet’s dispatch system is fed arrival and departure information as well as reports for time spent at all stops. Any discrepancies between auto-detected and driver-entered information are flagged.

By monitoring excessive time spent at stops during the loading or unloading process, you can improve your company’s customer service and maintain driver productivity. You also get the back-up you need to bill shippers who are responsible for excessive delays at stopping points in a factual, non-biased report.