Fleet Management Software & Services

Customize Your Fleet Management Solution to Your Needs

To ensure that your fleet management solution meets your specific needs, we provide add-on fleet management software and services to Shaw Tracking products, including the Mobile Computing Platform.

Truck Routing Software – In-Cab Navigation

This real-time, GPS-based navigation service enables your drivers to plan accurate and timely routes so they can get to their destinations in less time, on time.

Performance Monitoring

Fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, as well as increase fleet safety and performance.

Automated Arrival & Departure

Monitors delivery schedules, provides status updates and measures delays.

Automated Hours of Service

Provides accurate real-time information on driver availability, helping to ensure fleet safety and compliance.

Automated Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting

This Internet-based tool helps you stay on top of your fleet’s fuel consumption and mileage taxes.


Helps you identify high-risk driving behaviour, control speed, and monitor and rate drivers on different road types.

In-Cab Scanning

With this service, your drivers can send documents to the back office, or straight to customers, without leaving their vehicles.

Critical Event Reporting

Helps fleet managers monitor the safety and behaviour of drivers in real-time.


Enables fleet managers to work off-site, while easily viewing and sending messages to fleets via mobile Smartphone, the Web or email.

Email Services

Provides driver-friendly email services designed to improve safety and productivity.

Security Solutions

Enhance your security with visibility into major events and faster emergency response times.

Content Delivery

Broadcast pre-recorded messages from dispatch to your drivers.