Retain Customers

Retain Customers

Let’s face it, efficiency and customer service go hand in hand. Your customers want their freight or delivery to arrive safely and on time, and they want access to real-time information on where their cargo is in the world.

At Shaw Tracking, we’re aware of the importance of customer service and retaining your customers, that’s why Shaw Tracking’s technology products and wireless services not only make your company more efficient, they make it smarter.

We’re passionate about providing you with the right fleet management solutions that not only enable you to manage your fleet more efficiently, but help you find ways to continuously bring value to your customer relationships.

Here are the key Shaw Tracking services that will enable you to improve customer service and retention:

  • Truck Routing Software – Plan active and timely routes with this real-time, in-cab navigation service, which provides accurate, up-to-date interactive maps, enabling cargo to reach its destination safely and efficiently.
  • In-Cab Scanning – With this in-cab scanning service, drivers can scan and transmit documents from the cabs of their trucks to the back office, or directly into the customer’s system.
  • Professional Services – If you have a specific fleet management requirement, our professional services team will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and your customers are happy with your service.

Shaw Tracking products that have a direct impact on customer service include:

  • Truck Tracking – Our Mobile Computing Platforms are wireless GPS vehicle tracking system engineered to improve your transportation company’s operations.
  • Freight Tracking – Shaw Mobile combines rugged handheld technology with an electronic onboard recorder to capture and calculate valuable performance data.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – Our wireless electronic onboard recorder offers GPS vehicle tracking, activity and incident recording, and automated IFTA fuel and mileage reporting.