Maximizing Driver Satisfaction

We understand the pressures caused by driver shortages. And the importance of keeping good drivers given the high cost of recruitment and replacement. Not to mention the stress. That’s why we’ve designed products and services to maximize the satisfaction and retention of your drivers.

With Shaw Tracking, we reduce the amount of manual work that your drivers have to do, reducing driver frustration and the risk of data input errors. And by saving time by decreasing manual work, your drivers can spend more time doing what they love and what you need them to focus on – driving safely and efficiently.

Here are the key Shaw Tracking services that support your need to increase driver motivation and job satisfaction to drive overall productivity:

  • Performance Monitoring – Fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, as well increase fleet safety and performance, while helping drivers improve performance and rewarding good drivers.
  • Automated Hours of Service – This service provides real-time monitoring of drivers’ hours, while saving a lot of time and errors by removing the need to manually log driving hours.
  • Critical Event Reporting – The service is an automatic vehicle monitor that enables safety and fleet managers to proactively manage the behaviour of drivers in real-time, cutting down on accidents, repair costs, and risks to driver safety.
  • In-Cab Scanning – With this in-cab scanning service, drivers can scan and transmit documents from the cabs of their trucks to the back office, or directly into the customer’s system.
  • Truck Routing Software – Plan active and timely routes with this real-time, in-cab navigation service, which provides accurate, up-to-date interactive maps, enabling cargo to reach its destination safely and efficiently.

There are several Shaw Tracking products that will enable you to maximize driver satisfaction. They include:

  • Truck Tracking – Our Mobile Computing Platforms are wireless GPS vehicle tracking systems engineered to improve your transportation company’s operations.
  • Freight Tracking – Shaw Mobile is a combination of rugged handheld technology with an electronic onboard recorder to capture and calculate valuable performance data.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – Our wireless electronic onboard recorder offers GPS vehicle tracking, activity and incident recording, and automated IFTA fuel and mileage reporting.

Many companies worry about push back from drivers after adopting HOS, but we have found that even drivers who were resistant quickly embrace the technology and realize how much more productive they can be because they can focus on driving.

- TimeLine Logistics