Enhanced reporting features with SpeedGauge Safety Centre

New features have been introduced with our SpeedGauge application. While some of these features may be familiar to you, others may provide useful enhancements to help streamline the retrieval and analysis of reported data.

SG Map

  • Map Tab in Online Reports – All online reports now include an Incident Map tab which opens a map showing all incidents (for Incident Reports) or vehicles (for Summary Reports) on the current page of the report Incident List.
  • Severe incidents highlighted in ReportsThe most severe incidents in SpeedGauge Incident and Summary reports are now highlighted in red in both the online and email versions. Any incident that exceeds the posted speed limit by more than 15 MPH or 30 km/h can now be found by looking for red highlighting in your reports.
  • Printable Reports – All online Incident and Summary reports now include a Print Report button which provides a printer-friendly version of the report. This feature can be used in combination with your computer’s “print to PDF” function to save PDF versions of reports, as well. Printable reports are currently available for regularly scheduled reports, not for Custom Reports generated using the Incident Search feature.
  • Global Time Zone Selection – We have expanded the range of choices in our time zone selector to better accommodate our global user base and simplify timezone selection for all users.
  • Vehicle Type in Map Popup – The Vehicle Type of the vehicle in question has been added to the incident information popup that appears when users click on incident pins in all SpeedGauge maps. This feature makes it easier to identify vehicles that do not use standard “car” speed limits, such as trucks in California.
  • Report & Incident Search LinkedEach vehicle and driver ID in SpeedGauge Safety Center Incident and Summary reports now provides a link to the Incident Search tool for that vehicle or driver. This allows easy access to an overview of incidents for that vehicle or driver, and is particularly useful as an enhancement to Summary reports.