Critical Event Video

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The Omnitracs Critical Event Video (CEV) application is a fully integrated solution that enables fleet managers to view video of critical events in near real-time. With this application, your vehicles are equipped with either a forward or forward & driver-facing, continuously recording camera. Videos are then sent back automatically to the platform, based on the event criteria chosen. From the platform, you can replay the videos to see what actually happened.

What are the benefits of CEV?

Robust Data Capture

  • The camera continuously records, and video is available within minutes of a triggered event, so you have a quick, accurate understanding of an event’s influencing factors and context.
  • Prequel and sequel video features allow you to add clips before and after any chosen event, so you have a complete timeline of what happened.

Proactively manage the safety of your fleet

  • Configure the settings and choose what types of events trigger a video to be sent to the online portal, including video length, sound inclusion and video storage settings.
  • With DVR functionality, you can request video for a specific date and time, allowing you to review each video to reward, coach and further improve safe driving behavior.

Streamline operations and reduce your risk

  • The CEV application leverages functionality within your current platform, utilizes your existing communication plan and other familiar Omnitracs applications, which saves you money and simplifies billing.
  • Your company’s liability exposure may be reduced, as you are able to see exactly what happened in an actual critical event and help improve the fleet’s driving habits.

Watch this quick video on CEV to get a better understanding of how it can help your fleet.

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