Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet-Addressing ELD Myths

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” -Abraham Lincoln The above quote perfectly illustrates what happens in today’s internet-driven age; just because someone says something, does not make it fact. The g…

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Thank you for a great show at ExpoCam 2015!

Thank you for a great show at ExpoCam 2015!

ExpoCam took place on April 16th – 18th where the Shaw Tracking team had the opportunity to connect with many industry leaders, spend time with over 50 customers, meet with our business partners and potential cust…

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Most effective questions to ask when looking for the perfect ELD provider

With the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate looming, interest in ELDs has never been higher. If your fleet isn’t currently equipped with them, the odds are that you have already started to look around for informati…

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Address safety concerns with Critical Event Reporting

With colder temperatures and more dangerous driving conditions, Critical Event Reporting (CER) can help you monitor your fleet’s vehicles to address safety concerns. CER captures information such as hard braking, excess…

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Shaw Tracking Roundtable Sponsorship: Co-Operation, Collaboration, Communication and Commitment

Shaw Tracking was honoured to sponsor the “Redfining Shipper-Carrier Relationships” Roundtable for the ninth consecutive year at the Surface Transportation Summit. The Roundtable generated very insightful discussions o…

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Stay safe with Critical Event Reporting

Stay safe with Critical Event Reporting

I thought you might appreciate a story from one of our customers as we head into icier and snowier road conditions. It’s a good news story – because the Critical Event feature helped many drivers out of potentially dang…

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