Pain Point 2: Understanding your driver performance

In the second blog series to help you target your pain points, we’ll be tackling fuel costs. Managing your fuel costs isn’t easy, especially with today’s fluctuating prices but there is a way to get more insight into th…

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Pain Point 1: The Ever Changing HOS Environment

To keep your fleet operating profitably, managing costs is one of the top priorities. Managing costs is not easy with fluctuating fuel prices, increased competition, customer satisfaction demands, and more complex requi…

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Let us help you target your pain points.

Our team identified the top 10 critical trucking issues and narrowed it down in this blog series to discuss the top 5 pain points that fleets face and the remedies we offer. Here’s the topics we’ll be tackling: 1. High …

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Holiday Message from Mike Ham

On behalf of the Shaw Tracking team we want to extend to you and your family a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. As 2013 comes to an end, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued…

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OTA’s Next Generation Program in Review

OTA’s Next Generation Program in Review

Shaw Tracking’s Marketing Coordinator, Olivia Lee, had the opportunity to attend OTA’s Next Generation program. Let’s see what she has to say: October marks my first year with Shaw Tracking so this was my first OTA even…

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Highlights from TransForum 2013 and Shaw Tracking’s Customer Appreciation Dinner

Highlights from TransForum 2013 and Shaw Tracking’s Customer Appreciation Dinner

The Shaw Tracking team attended this year’s TMW TransForum User Conference held in Anaheim, California. One of my favourite things about attending TransForum is having the opportunity to spend time with over 200 custome…

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