Better understand driver behaviour

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In the United States, the national average diesel fuel price increased three cents to $3.93 per gallon, eight cents higher than last year at this time.[1] With today’s rising gas prices, it’s important to understand how your drivers are driving.

With Shaw Tracking’s Fuel Manager, a module in the Performance Monitoring application, it can track and monitor vehicle and driver behaviour related to fuel consumption, such as speeding, idling, over-revving and hard braking. It can also help identify potential safety and maintenance issues.

Our Performance Monitoring application extracts ECM data to identify drivers that may or may not be meeting the company targets as it relates to fuel economy.  The data enables you to manage and reduce fuel consumption by providing a robust set of actionable data, presented in a way you can easily understand.

With this data, you can:

  • Lower fuel consumption by identifying trends that contribute to excess fuel use
  • Compare drivers’ performances and quantify the bottom-line financial impact to your fleet
  • Provide the performance data needed to coach and reward drivers
  • Reduce the work of analysts by having access to more robust reporting
  • Gain insight into potential driver safety and maintenance issues

We have also introduced our Driver Scorecard to help you better understand the data and turn it into knowledge that will help you make better business decisions to make sure you’re always putting your customers first.

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