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At Shaw Tracking, our mission is to enable fleet owners and managers to focus on building the value they bring to their customers. We do this by providing fleet management solutions that increase efficiencies to make your fleet more reliable for your customers to count on. From lowering operational costs, improving fleet visibility and retention of drivers, while complying with regulatory requirements and maximizing customer satisfaction. We do this so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with everyone that influences the success of your business: your customers, your drivers, your employees, and your suppliers.

We achieve these results through world-class fleet management solutions that include GPS vehicle tracking products, fleet management software, and professional services for additional support.

  • Our GPS vehicle tracking products are ruggedized hardware that combines onboard technology and wireless data services to provide fleet tracking solutions for the transportation, mobile workforce, and logistics industries.
  • Our fleet management software integrates with our ruggedized hardware to provide on-board recording and driver interface solutions geared toward creating knowledge, efficiency, and improved profitability.
  • With applications such as Automated Hours of Service, IFTA, Scanning, Navigation, Performance Monitoring with Fuel Management and Critical Event Reporting, we are driven to surpass our customer’s expectations with solutions that improve safety, increase compliance, and provide proven financial returns.
  • Our professional services team provides additional assistance to ensure that your needs are met from helping better understand the data that is provided by the products and software, to the most complex requirements and productivity improvement mandates.

With an integrated team approach, ROI driven solution-based tools and system-of-systems thinking, we ensure effective implementation of processes, human assets, equipment, technology, and applications. Our team can support the entire lifecycle of a program – from concept definition and functional spec to systems design, acquisition, and operations.

Through cutting edge innovation and technology, coupled with over 25 years of experience and dedicated support to the Transportation and Logistics Industry, we are committed to working with our customers to perform at unprecedented levels.

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Shaw Tracking is a division of Shaw Communications Inc, a diversified communications and media company.

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We conducted a two month competitive evaluation and in the end it was Shaw Tracking’s Mobile Computing Platform that met all our criteria. We required satellite coverage we could rely on. We must meet the “work alone” legislation and have two-way communications with our drivers at all times. We were also interested in LSD mapping, automated hours of service and the inexpensive confidential in-cab personal email Shaw Tracking was able to provide.

- Stephen Clark, CFO, Mullen Group