Guarantee Your Customers World-Class Fleet Management Solutions and Service

Would you like to reduce the fuel costs of your fleet? Is it important to you to improve driver satisfaction, safety, compliance, and retention? Are you interested in lower operating costs to maximize profitability? If so, Shaw Tracking is your partner for success.

Our focus is to enable fleet owners and managers to lower operational costs, improve fleet visibility, and retention of drivers, while complying with regulatory requirements and maximizing customer satisfaction. Our fleet management solutions are designed to:

In a nutshell, if you have people and trucks on the road – Shaw Tracking has a GPS vehicle tracking solution to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

We achieve these results through world-class fleet management solutions that include:

  • GPS fleet tracking products, which combine ruggedized hardware with onboard technology and wireless data services, to provide fleet tracking solutions for the transportation, mobile workforce, and logistics industries.
  • Fleet management software that integrates with our ruggedized hardware to provide on-board recording and driver interface solutions geared toward creating knowledge, efficiency, and improved profitability.
  • Professional services support for additional assistance to ensure that your needs are met, from helping to better understand the data that is provided by the products and software, to the most complex requirements and productivity improvement mandates.

Why Shaw Tracking?

At Shaw Tracking, we are aware that your success depends on how well you serve your customers. If your customers are not confident with your transportation management because deliveries are not made on time with great service, your business is compromised. That’s why we focus on providing the right fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking solution as our first priority. We’ve been providing market-leading service delivery and support since 1990 – bringing you expertise that you can truly count on. Learn more about our fleet management benefits.

Shaw Tracking is the only fleet management solution that goes the extra mile to help me add value to my relationships with my customers.

- Vince Tarantini, President, Carmen Transportation Group